In addition to completing complex builds and construction challenges we offer an arsenal of in-house equipment to get you through the toughest of challenges. This includes Derrick-Diggers, Boom Trucks, Augers, Hydro-Vac, Skid Steers and much more so we can navigate the logistical waters for you. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to offer you the best service. 

We serve the entire East Coast of the US. 

About The Founders

Chris Degler

Owner and Founder Degler Enterprise

Meet Chris Degler, a distinguished former Army Ranger armed with an impressive 25 years of construction expertise. Transitioning seamlessly into the Telecommunications Industry, Chris leverages his mastery as a carpenter to elevate projects with precision and quality. Over the last decade, he’s crisscrossed the East Coast, enhancing civil sites and collaborating with industry giants such as ATT, Verizon, Dish, T-mobile, and more.

Chris’s profound knowledge and hands-on experience, drawn from both his past military service and present endeavors, position him as a trailblazer in the telecommunications landscape. Whether it’s upgrading existing sites or spearheading new projects, Chris brings an unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s his integrity that propels DEI to outshine the competition across all facets of our business. Welcome to a realm where quality and precision converge under the leadership of Chris Degler.

Hillary Degler

Bringing over two decades of sales and customer service expertise, Hillary Degler is a seasoned professional in the field. Having successfully led a sales team for a prominent hotel company in North Carolina for over a decade, she also contributed over 10 years in the telecommunications sector as Degler Enterprise expanded.

Choosing to transition from the corporate world, Hillary joined forces with Chris to drive the growth of the family business. She assumes the responsibility for day-to-day operations and manages the office, while Chris directs the crews and oversees fieldwork. When you reach out via call or email, Hillary is the dedicated point of contact. Count on a professional and honest interaction, always accompanied by a welcoming smile when you connect with Degler Enterprise.

Meet Our Team

Mabrisa Monroy, Office Manager

Marbrisa Monroy

Office Manager

Introducing Marbrisa Monroy, our adept office management professional boasting over 5 years of invaluable industry experience. Having seamlessly integrated into the Degler Enterprises team in September 2022, Marbrisa comes with a robust background in managing a roofing company.

In her role, Marbrisa goes beyond the conventional, offering unwavering administrative support to all members of our esteemed staff. Her commitment to excellence extends to equipping our team with the essential tools needed for success. Beyond administrative duties, Marbrisa takes charge of managing our office, ensuring a seamless and effective operation. Trust in Marbrisa’s expertise to navigate the intricacies of office management, fostering an environment where efficiency and effectiveness thrive.

Dustin Brewer


Meet Dustin, a seasoned professional with a remarkable 15-year tenure in the industry. As our esteemed Foreman, Dustin assumes a pivotal role, meticulously overseeing all field operations on our Construction Side. With a solid foundation in framing and an impressive three-year stint in telecommunications, Dustin’s journey began from the grassroots at DEi, where he quickly rose to prominence.

Dustin’s commitment to delivering top-notch quality and exemplary site leadership has consistently propelled DEi to the zenith of success. We attribute his exceptional ability to run a tight ship to his invaluable Military background, providing that extra edge that sets him apart in ensuring seamless and efficient project management. Trust in Dustin’s wealth of experience to elevate your construction projects to new heights of excellence.

James Tooley

Telecom Specialist

Introducing James, a seasoned Army Veteran boasting more than two decades of prowess in the dynamic Telecommunications sector. With a specialized focus on tower construction, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), system testing, and commissioning, James stands as a pillar of expertise in the industry.

Armed with an Associate of Science degree in Weld Science, James is a certified welder, ensuring precision and quality in every construction project. Furthermore, holding the distinction of a licensed Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilot, James brings a unique aerial perspective to elevate the standards of excellence in our construction endeavors. Trust in James’s proven track record and dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship for all your construction needs.